Monday, August 11, 2014


I am ready for a change with my blog. Ever since I started this blog back in 2008 at the tender age of  23...ha ha ha...NOT REALLY SO TENDER; I have always felt like a huge portion of my blog was created to attract viewership. I wanted to follow the likes of my favorite bloggers, The pioneers of the fashion blog-sphere (The Glamouri, Karla's Closet, Sea of Shoes, Sterling Style, Cupcakes and Cashmere, Because I am Addicted, Le Blog De Betty). I'm sure there are many more, but these were the women that I followed religiously. Each day I would check for a new blog post, anxiously waiting for a fashion forward outfit to flash across my monitor of the blog I just visited. I remember going on vacation back in 2009 and I spent the whole day perusing Karla's blog researching her first blog post to the most current......I studied every outfit she blogged about. I couldn't help myself, it was like she developed the science of personal style. I wanted to be "THAT GIRL" That girl that got every outfit just right. No matter how weird it looked, you could always identify the unique charm that the outfit was intended to have. These bloggers were the epitome of fashion courage and confidence. I really wanted to be apart of this community and I wanted the praise that came along with it.
Well, I soon realized that it wasn't all fun glitz and glamour as the bloggers made it seem. It was a lot of hard work. There are so many elements to being a great blogger. You literally have to invest everything that you have into this piece of art. I soon discovered that it could be a very expensive art (Camera, Lights, Wardrobe). The fashion blogger world is a highly saturated online platform , and every one is looking to be the next big fashion blogger. It can be so overwhelming trying to get viewership that you become consumed with it. In my case it effected my ability to be consistent. I always felt like no one was really interested it anyways so why bother to keep posting. I always compared myself to the bigger bloggers. Well today that stops. Today is the day that I stop posting for viewership.  Today is the day that I start and consistenly post because I want to document my life FOR MYSELF. I want to look back 5-10 years from now and say "wow, I can't believe I captured all those moments.  I want my children to look back at my blog and say "WOW, I can't believe you really wore that back then." Maybe they might get a little inspiration.

I want to post because I love it and because it is a creative outlet for me to express myself. Also I love looking at my pictures especially when I take really good ones. I am not naturally photogenic, I have been working on this for a long time now. And, I totally see my development. I don't mind inspiring people here and there, but I really just want to wear what I have in my closet during this season of my debt freedom plan. This will be a long season for me and it will put my gifts of personal style and creativity to use; in a such a way that I haven't really be familiar or comfortable with. I love to be of influence, but first and foremost I just want to have peace with what I am doing. 

I run a blog and I am also a content creator for YouTube. These mediums take up a lot of my time and I refuse to be unhappy pursuing these projects. YouTube has already sucked me into the numbers game. I just want my blog to be a place where I don't have to worry about it. If people visit, than they visit. If they don't visit, then they don't. I am not doing any extra work to get attention. I am just going to be myself and document my life. I love my blog, but I feel like I can love it a lot more if I just treat it like my personal diary by which I carelessly left unintended for a few a hours for someone else to read.
I can't  believe this skirt use to have several accordion pleats in it, and I ruined them from washing and drying it. I had to create my own pleated pattern. It took me almost an hour to iron in the new pattern of pleats and it contributed to my tardiness for Sunday much that I was late for Praise and Worship. Well, that coupled with my hair tutorial that I decided to film right before church ( I always come up with the most time efficient bright ideas) . I really need to get better at being on time for Church. Praise and Worship is a very intricate part of the service, it is the time to really glorify the Lord and exalt him. I need to step up my game completely. I have a lot of goals that I want to achieve spiritually and I am not getting to a good start by missing P &W. I really need to learn to control my flesh in the area of time management.

                Wearing: Top-H & M (gifted), Skirt- Elle for Khols, Shoes-VS Collection for Victoria Secret

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