Monday, August 18, 2014

Here we go again!

Monday has once again graced us with a fresh start for the new week. I started mine off with an amazing workout this morning. It actually was one of the best workouts I have done this summer. I learned some new strength training techniques that I incorporated in my routine from a trainer who gave me a free personal training session last week. I believed the free session was used as a marketing strategy to try gain a new client out of me. Little did he know my budget had no room for him and the ridiculously over priced personal training package. I am grateful for the short lived experience, however. His time certainly did not go to waste. I soaked up every bit of that workout and now its going to help me get the body that constantly fantasize about before the B-I-G 30!!!!!!

 I cannot believe I am turning 30. I don't feel like I look 30, my body feels better and stronger than it did in my teens and early 20's. I have exercising and good family genes to thank for that. However, I am more wiser and joyful. I am glad I am going into my 30's with some wisdom and a purpose. I don't really plan on doing much for my birthday. I will probably buy myself a cake and flowers and wear a gorgeous dress. I am going to keep it really simple this year. But you know I have to BLOG and VLOG ABOUT MY UNCONVENTIONAL 30TH BIRTHDAY EXPERIENCE, RIGHT?!?
I didn't get a chance to blog about my last two birthdays. I am sooooo UPSET ABOUT IT!!! I will do like a throw back Thursday to my birthday celebrations some day soon.

I know its been quite a while since I have updated you guys on my pursuit of financial peace and debt freedom journey. Well I definitely have a lot to update you all with. So I will get that post written really soon. It is just really overwhelming to write a budget let alone express what is going on with your finances AND consistenly keep the public in the loop. I want to start a debt free/financial peace confession vlog. When I start it, I will only upload them to my blog. I got the idea from Whitney of After Eleven Blog. I discovered her awesome blog last week and I am already inspired by her posts. Her Cramer vs. Debt posts are informative but also straight to the point. I will be taking some tips from her for sure. Soooooo here we go again.  

Disclaimer: I am also working on the organization of categories for my blog. I accidentally deleted the html code for the navigation menu bar that organizes my blog post into categories; and its been nothing but torture trying to figure out how to get the tabs back.

Dress-Daisy Fuentes for Khols (purchaed last summer) Shoes-Collin Stuart for Victoria Secret (purchased in 2009) Clutch- Daisy Fuentes for Khols-(purchased 2007). Earrings- F21

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