Thursday, November 27, 2014


As my 30th birthday approaches, I find it especially necessary to recap the events of my 29th birthday experience. My birthday was on Thanksgiving of last year. I started off my birthday night/early morning with drinks with a friend. Later that morning I filmed a birthday YouTube tutorial that took up most of my day. Then I hurried off to my friend's house for Turkey-Day dinner. The following night I went out for more drinks at Krug's Park with friends. I later had a dinner outing with a friend a few weeks post f my birthday.

I have grown so much in a year. I feel wiser, but I don't feel much older than yesterday. My body appears to have more energy. My relationship with God is stronger and constantly improving. My outlook on live is more positive. And I have lost almost 15 pounds since my 29th birthday...I am in a great space for life. Is there more I want to achieve in life? The answer is YES...OF COURSE!!!! Turning 30 gives me a motivation license to work harder for it! I believe this year is going to be a year of goal digging and finding my treasure in accomplishing several of them. I am so excited. More than anything, I am glad I still look great. My biggest fear was that I was going to look horrible, but I am aging gracefully! I love it...It can only get better from here for me. Happy Thanksgiving!!!!!

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