Saturday, September 26, 2015

My Holiday

I am finally mentally back from vacation. I really want to coin the expression, holiday; like the British. I love how the UK bloggers describe their vacations as holidays. It truly is a holiday when you get to just relax and lounge around for several days. I recently traveled to Spring, Texas in the Woodlands area to visit my best friend. And oh boy; did we enjoy eating, eating, eating and eating and again. We lounged a bit, but we ate more than anything. I truly enjoyed my time spent there. I will be making frequent visits to her. Tickets to fly to Texas are much more reasonable now that I live in a state where there is access to an international airport.

The Egg & I

    A photo op at Kona Grill

Bestie Selfies at Cle

Brunch at Crisp in the Woodlands

Mimosas at Cru

                                             Pool Crashing the Woodlands Resort

                                                   Decided to eat a little dinner at the Macaroni Grill

Off to church in my Sunday's Best

                                                                  Sunday Brunch at the Americas

Kara (My Best Friend) and I

Waffle House Goodness! (The End)

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