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Femme Couture Mineral Effects Baked Bronzer Review

I have been wanting to review the Femme Couture Mineral Effects Baked Bronzers for quite some time now. Primarily because I am really disappointed in the lack of love that gets shown to the Femme Couture brand at Sally's Beauty Supply. Makeup lovers really do appear to be sleeping on these bronzers (THE INTERNET TELLS IT ALL)! I really have not seen many swatches or reviews of these bronzers. I find it to be sad, because these bronzers are really great affordable treasures.

I am a highlighter and bronzer junkie. Anytime I see a bronzer or highlighter that looks like it can be working with a little something, I will most definitely scoop it up with no hesitation. And that is exactly what happened when I went to Sally's and discovered the Femme Couture Mineral Effects Baked Bronzers. These bronzers retail for $10.99 each. You may be able to get a dollar off or two if you have a Sally's Beauty Club card.

           Twice Baked - (left)  & Summer Kiss - (right)

I started off with the purchase of Summer Kiss - Femme Couture Mineral Effects Baked Bronzer back in April of 2015. I absolutely loved it. The product is packaged quite well. It looks as if the product is of great quality without testing it. Packaging is very important because it is the first thing we see before we make a decision on the purchase.

 It has a very pale-pinkish/pearlescent color to it. It looks as if it will swatch rose gold because of the gold flecks in it, but it does not AT ALL. It is very pale in color. When you first touch the product it feels it bit hard in its compact baked form. But once you swatch it to the skin, the product softens up on the skin. The texture is very soft and applies very smoothly to the skin. 

This product wears more like a highlighter or an illuminator, more so than a bronzer. It is just a little too light and shimmery in color to be a bronzer The shimmer is very noticeable, but it looks very mature. Summer Kiss has nice pigmentation and it leaves you with a nice subtle glow.

 I love to wear this highlighter when I am going for an everyday makeup look or a very soft neutral glam face. I have a deep chocolate complexion and this bronzer serves as a very subtle highlighter for me. If your skin tone is lighter then it may add a bit more illumination to the skin. 

 I do not own MAC's Whisper of Guilt but from the pictures that I have seen; this definitely looks like an affordable dupe. 

After my instincts were proven right about the Femme Couture highlighters, I just knew it was time to go in for the kill and purchase Twice Baked.

Twice Baked is a very warm dusty golden-bronzey brown. It contains silver and gold flecks. I don't care much for the silver sparkles, but they are not extremely noticeable when swatched to the skin

The texture of Twice Baked is a bit more dusty 
and dry than Summer Kiss when you touch it in it's compact baked form. After you swatch it to the skin it does apply very similar to Summer Kiss. It is smooth and soft, but a little powdery/dusty.

Summer Kiss is a bit more pigmented than Twice Baked on deeper skin tones. Twice Baked takes two swatches or three to get a good color pay-off on a deeper skin tone such as mine. Twice baked nearly blends in with my chocolate skin tone, giving it a slight sheen. I did not see much of a difference in pigmentation when I wet the bronzer. However, when the sun shines in on Twice Baked, it serves as a very gorgeous highlighter. In FACT, it is one of the most beautiful highlighters/illuminators/bronzers that I have ever seen. It is simply stunning. It truly gives brown skin a BEAUTIFUL BRONZE GLOW. 

 I was driving in the car when I saw the sun shining on my hand after I swatched Twice Baked. Annnnnnnnnnnd, I almost crashed my car because I was overwhelmed by the beauty of this new union. 

Twice Baked is without a doubt one of the most beautiful bronzers that I have ever seen when sunlight kisses it. 

I believe Twice Baked can be worn as a bronzer on lighter skin tones, but it would have to be applied very lightly. It does have a bit of shimmer to it as well. I would recommend using it as an illuminator or highlighter for a nice warm bronze-glowy look. This is definitely a summer highlighter.

                           Gold Deposit - (left) & Twice Baked - (right)

Now let's get to the good part. Inquiring minds want to know.

Is Femme Couture's Twice Baked a Dupe for MAC's Gold Deposit...YES OR NAH?

Well, I would say (IN THEORY) if you ABSOLUTELY cannot purchase MAC's Gold Deposit then Twice Baked would be another option. An affordable option at that.

Honestly, it just does not have the same quality as Gold Deposit. Gold Deposit is way more finely milled. The texture is so buttery and soft in it's compact form AND on the skin. It is extremely pigmented (BUT YOU KNOW THAT COMES WITH TONS OF FALL OUT). Gold Deposit is simply divine when swatched and worn on the highest points of the cheekbone. It has amazing pigmentation in and out of the sun. It is an amazing golden-bronze color for women of deeper skin tones. Nothing can really compare to it. 

Twice Baked lacks in texture and pigmentation when compared. It simply does not fully measure up to MAC's Gold Deposit. 

I would say a strong YES to this bronzer....IF:

  1. If you are a make-up hoarder
  2. If you are a bronzer junkie
  3. If you are a highlighter junkie 
  4. If you are in the market for a new affordable bronzer and you want to keep this bronzer in your purse as a back-up      
  5. If you want to wear this underneath GD 
  6. If you just don't want to use up all your high-end highlighters/bronzers  

        Summer Kiss - 7
        Twice Baked - 6

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