Wednesday, February 10, 2016


I made an all natural protein treatment because quite frankly I'm tired of trying to decipher what ingredients are natural and what is artificial. It is so overwhelming trying to look up all the ingredients from a product that I purchased from the drugstore. It is even more annoying, when the product claims to be natural but all the natural ingredients are listed way below the first five ingredients. I just said, "FORGET THIS" and did a little research of my own. I actually had fun making this protein treatment. I was so happy that to know that I am actually able to control what goes into my mixture. I GOT THE POWER!!!!!!!!!!!

 I am learning that is best to apply a deep conditioner after applying a protein treatment to your hair. Protein treatments can leave your hair feeling brittle and hard. So it is really important that we do everything that we can on our end to maintain our moisture-protein balance. Too much or too little protein can can cause breakage and too much or too little moisture can also cause breakage. A balance of the two most be maintained within the hair. 

I've been pretty obsessed with making sure I get my deep conditioning treatment in. I have been doing them once a week for almost a month now. Okay so my obsession has not been that long. I have so much free time on my hands now since I am working from home full time with my business; that it allows me to really pamper my hair. I now see that I didn't have much time to pamper my hair it all or really care for it.

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