Friday, February 5, 2016

Two Strand Twists, Daily Moisturizing, Shedding and Breakage

My hair has been in two strand twists for the last two weeks. I gave myself a home-made protein treatment and a really good deep conditioner; just before giving myself a two-week protective style of two strand twists. The first week I moisturized my twists daily and nightly, and I also gave my self scalp massages. When I performed my scalp massages I focused mostly on my edges, as I am recovering from TRACTION ALOPECIA.  

On the second week I gave myself less scalp massages, because I didn't want to deal with a tangled mess of hair when I take down my twists. Massaging the scalp can tend to clump the frizz and fly-aways all together causing a tangled matted mess. TRUST ME...I HAVE BEEN A VICTIM BEFORE. 

I am trying to get the whole moisture retention method down to a science. I figure that moisturizing my hair everyday and nightly will soon train my hair to retain moisture better. However, I don't think two weeks of this premature habit is cutting it. My hair has still been the dry of the driest on days when I feel it should be moist. There are other days when my hair doesn't absorb the water well at all and it feels damp wet;  almost as if I just wet my hair 15 minutes ago. I pin my hair up after spritzing it with water and sealing it with my Shea butter mixture. 

The thing that perturbs me the most, is that I can't seem to shake the breakage.  I understand that our hair can shed up to 100 strands a day. Unfortunately, I am not only experiencing the long strands with the white bulb on the end falling from my awesome twists. I am seeing the short strands that imply BREAKAGE. Now, unless those shorter pieces are strands of the longer shedded hairs that have broken off due to frailty, then I just don't get it. 

I have been drawing conclusions with this whole theory of "daily moisture". It is my personal observation and EXPERIENCE that moisturizing the hair daily can also lead to breakage.  Moisturizing the hair is also a form of manipulation because you are constantly tugging at the ends to seal in the moisture that was applied. 


I am going to give this theory the benefit of the doubt, considering I am not an expert on hair, nor do I have a success story of achieving waist length hair. 

This is what I have decided in my moments of hair breakage despair:

It is possible that I have not been gentle enough when sealing the ends. 

It is possible that I have moisture overload and my strands are over processed.

It is possible I do not have enough protein.

It is possible that my hair is taking sometime to adjust to the new routine before the breakage stops.

It is possible that hair CONSTANTLY experiences breakage....POINT BLANK PERIOD. (Afterall I have been holding onto these ends for the last 6 years) 

I will continue my research as I try to correct this trajectory.

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