Friday, February 12, 2016

Well, hello there! Remember the other day when I was telling you about the importance of following up with a deep conditioner after applying a protein treatment to your hair? I have great news!!!! I made another video demonstrating my deep conditioner process. So what else is NEW, right?!?! Well, I think it is important to stress how much we need moisture and conditioner. I know it sounds like a broken record, but if we all did it then more women would have the long hair that they so much crave and desire. I included!!!!!!!!! It amazes me how words can go in one ear and out the other and how so much read information is lost on the left side of the brain. I remember listening to so many YouTube videos and reading so many natural hair related articles on the importance of MOISTURE; and it just didn't stick. It may have been all the sugar that I was consuming. Sugar has the propensity to make you develop amnesia and loose all the good sense God gave us.

Forward a few years later,  a few BOOKS,  and a full-time job that focuses on beauty with a large fraction of that being natural hair and length retention. I GOT IT. I think I finally understand what it is that I need to do. I now understand that I need to HYDRATE and condition my hair like it's my religion. THE RITUAL IS IN FULL EFFECT. I now hydrate my hair daily and deep condition my hair once a week. And my hair loves it. It's the time that I really get to spend with my hair, be attentive, and make love to it. What is your relationship like with your hair?

I said all this to say. A deep conditioner is extremely important. Please follow-up with one after a protein treatment. That is an absolute complete MUST.

Try giving yourself a deep conditioning treatment once a week. I am learning that we need to train our hair to retain moisture. In order to do that, we must moisturize our hair constantly. It doesn't happen overnight or in one month. This is a lifestyle. Found out what your hair likes.

I used this Ion Color Defense Intense Moisture Conditioner ---------PARABEN FREE AND IT IS VEGAN---- And my mane pretty much proposed to it. They now have a mutual understanding that they are in a lifetime committed relationship. I'll be asking you all to save the date soon.  Happy Conditioning.

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