Tuesday, March 15, 2016

Anastasia Beverly Hills Peach Nectar Illuminator Swatches (Deep Skin)

I have been curious about the Anastasia Beverly Hills Peach Nectar Illuminator for quite some time now. So I decided to give into my curiosity and purchase the product online from Macy's. It retails for $28.00. 

I absolutely love the packaging. It is extremely sleek. The backside of the illuminator shows the exact color of what the product looks like.

The product has beautiful blocks of architecture. I didn't even want to swatch it. I just wanted to stare at it. But a girl has got to do what a girl gotta do! SO I SWATCHED THAT CHICK.

The illuminator swatches as a beautiful peachy-pink champagne color.

I did find that I had to pack quite a bit on to get more of an intensified look. That also could be due to my deep skin tone.

I think it looks amazing on a skin tone rich in melanin.

You can purchase the product here. Check out my video to see more of my thoughts about this illuminator.

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