Saturday, June 4, 2016

2016 Length Check #1 | 3 Month No Heat Challenge Results

Now, that I am actually CARING for my hair. I am able to detect what my hair likes and what it doesn't like. My hair does not respond the best to EXCESSIVE heat. I made a commitment to start and complete a three month NO HEAT CHALLENGE at the beginning of the year.  My hair has responded so well to this challenge. My hair is thicker and much more healthy. My hair is longer and it continues to grow longer. I have not used heat on my hair since December 2015, and my hair is thriving from that decision. I believe I will hit my hair goals of reaching bra strap length by the end of the year. I actually believe I will hit mid-back length by the end of the year. This is incredible. I plan to not use any more heat for the remainder of the year.

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